Established in 1991, Niagara Analytical Laboratories set forth with the mission of providing an essential link between the “Stewards of our Environment” with the analytical capabilities of striving to achieve Compliance with Published Environmental Legislature.

By way of Due Diligent, Proficient, Accredited, Licensed Analytical Expertise coupled with Exemplary Client Services and Better-than-Competitive Pricing, it is the privilege of this laboratory to serve nearly all Industries and Environmental Government Agencies located predominantly in the Golden Horseshoe Area, with the receptive privilege of broadening beyond.

As we most humbly progress into the next millennium, it is with the utmost regard for public health, safety and genuine consideration for our future generations that we continue to contribute to the Betterment of this vast, yet interconnected global nation beginning first; in our own back yards.

It shall be our pleasure to serve you!

The Directors;
Niagara Analytical Laboratories Inc.

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